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Chili's Cleaning Tablet - 6 Pcs

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No-scrubbing & soap required, convenient way to clean your bottle / food container.

Each tablet is individually wrapped, you can use it anywhere.

Works on years of any grease/tea/coffee stains.

Eliminate 99.9% of odor - causing bacteria and virus.

Natural and safe.

Sodium Bicarbonate (<20%)
Sodium Carbonate (<30%)
Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate (<20%)
Sodium Polyitaconate (<5%)
Citric Acid (<5%)

1. Insert one tablet into the drink ware.

2. Fill the container with 60°C  - 80°C water.

3. Wait 20 -30 minutes and shake the drink ware a little bit.

4. Discard the solution and rinse the drink ware thoroughly.

**Please do not put a lid on the container after adding water.


The most convenient way to clean your water bottle, pop in the Chili tablet and let it fizzes away stains and odors for around 20 minutes.

These tablets works effective on stainless steel, ceramic, glass and plastics containers.

PLEASE do not apply on iron, copper, aluminum and humidifiers.

Effective Cleaning

Chil tablets are natural, safe and environmentally-friendly way to clean your water bottles quickly and efficiently.

Combining all natural and safe ingredients with water to create bubbles that help break down residue and eliminate odors without the use of chlorine.