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About Us

Design with infinite possibility

The brand Chili Edition is a French design house that is focused on creating a range of housewares and essential portable accessories.

From vacuum flasks, portable speakers to versatile bags, our products are created to combine form and function wherever you need to go.

For the planet

We consider every aspect of our
products to make sure they cause the least harm possible to the planet. With this aim we have been designing durable and reusable products, enabling us to cut down on disposable items.

We have also been working with a carbon-neutral organization since 2019. Our carbon offset projects with natureoffice GmbH focus on planting new trees in Togo to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and thereby generate carbon credits.

This project not only covers carbon issues, we also help rebuild dilapidated schools in Togo, providing them with drinking water and toilet facilities, creating a good learning environment for Togolese students and helping them learn and grow.


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