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About Us

Chili, Where Design Embraces Sustainability

Since 2005, Chili Edition has been fueled by our love for design and dedication to sustainability. We strive to create extraordinary products that make a positive impact on our planet

At Chili Edition, we believe that great design should go hand in hand with environmental consciousness. Our team of creative minds takes joy in crafting products that are not only eye-catching but also functional, making your everyday life better and more enjoyable

Chili's Green Commitment

We understand that even small steps can make a big difference. That's why we actively choose eco-friendly materials and responsible practices to reduce our environmental footprint. Small steps matter, and we're committed to taking them in the right direction

As part of our dedication to the environment, Chili Edition has been carbon neutral since 2018. By implementing energy-efficient practices, supporting renewable energy sources and reforestation, we offset our carbon emissions to help create a cleaner and greener world

We are building for a future that includes everyone.

Join us on this beautiful journey towards a greener future

When you choose Chili Edition, you not only embrace exceptional design but also contribute to a more sustainable world

Thank you for being a part of Chili